Historia de la Ensaimada

About us

We feel hereus of a centennial arrival, we are excited to preserve ancestral recipes and, fins i all avui, we can explain that the carquinyols, the magdalenes, the duquesitas or ensaïmades, to me.

Fidel als nostres orígens, since 1873 we have conserved this patrimony and today we have been passing it on from peers to children, without losing the pleasure of maintaining the quality of our products.

Sa Sucreria, keeping alive the legacy of Menorca's traditional pastry shop

Since 1873

Sa Sucreria has behind it the support of five generations of master craftsmen, we have been working since 1873 on the products that today are for many one of the standards of the gastronomy of Menorca and the Balearic Islands in general and known in many places in the world

Mixture of cultures

Menorca accumulates a long gastronomic tradition that has been influenced by the conquests it has suffered throughout its history. The richness of Menorcan gastronomy is the result of the different ingredients and procedures that have been adopted from different cultures and civilizations.



Ensaimada as a Balearic gastronomic product has been made in Menorca for many years following the artisanal tradition common to all the Balearic Islands. Its name has its origin in the word saïm, which is the pork fat with which the dough is spread.

We prepare the ensaimada as our ancestors did, with the same dedication and dedication of those who love their work and transmit this love to the product. The entire production process is done manually, as it cannot be otherwise.

Our values


Made in Menorca


Handcrafted since 1873


With tradition and lots of love

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