Ecological melon and pumpkin jam (300 gr)

Melons grown on the island are always very sweet, tender and fleshy. In fact, we have our own melon variety.


Organic melon and pumpkin jam is one of our best-selling products. Menorca is fortunate to have a climate and land that is very suitable for growing melons, melons grown on the island are always very sweet, tender and fleshy. In fact, we have our own melon variety.


That is why one of the best jams you can try on the island is melon, in this case combined with another of the ingredients most used in Menorcan confectionery, pumpkin.


Menorca is a land closely linked to the countryside, and like all places whose population is closely linked to the countryside, all the resources provided by the environment are used to eat and subsist. This is the case of jams and preserves, a gastronomic product closely linked to the Mediterranean culture and diet and which in Menorca has a very special value.


Although it is true that jams are very common practically everywhere, in Menorca the tradition is still preserved to make them in the same way as in the past. There are many families that today continue to take advantage of the fruits that their garden gives them to make jams and preserves with them, we can also boast of having jams with very own and original flavors such as figs, squash or melon.


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