Sa Sucreria

Sa Sucreria at Fira Arrels (Arrels Fair)


This weekend, we went to Feria Arrels, where we displayed the best of artisan production and Menorcan cuisine.

We have opened up to the world so everyone can discover how the Menorcan ensaimada is made in the artisan way, authentic flavours and a wide range of combinations so chefs and confectioners obtain delicious dishes.

The Menorcan ensaimada from Sa Sucreria is one of the essential elements of the healthy diet and lifestyle in Menorca, it is also an essential part for the tourists that visit us and a fundamental piece of traditional and artisan gastronomy.

The response from the public has been spectacular, they recognise us as traditional makers of ensaimadas and some have even congratulated us for preserving the original taste of the ensaimada.
We are so grateful for the visits and the support we received, here we leave you with a sample of what we experienced at Feria Arrels with you all.

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