White and Black Chocolate Ensaimada

Descubre nuestras ensaimadas especiales, aquí os presentamos la ensaimada de chocolate blanco y negro, una apuesta que mezcla el mejor sabor con toda la tradición de Menorca.


Our White and Black Chocolate Ensaimada is the perfect choice for people who love sweets and chocolate, an ensaimada filled with pure hapiness.


The White and Black Chocolate Ensaimada is a modern variety of the Mallorcan ensaimada, but nowadays is totally consolidated as a classic ensaimada. In our online shop you can find all the ensaimadas in two different sizes, now you can enjoy it with two different kind of chocolates in the same ensaimada.


No more arguments between white chocolate and black chocolate lovers, theres a chance for both of you.


Our receipt keeps the same from 1873, and it is a tradicional and artisan receipt. The ensaimada is a product that keeps remaining in Minorca, by the way is one of the favorite souvenirs for tourists. It is a typical bakery product, ingredients are so common: flour, sugar, eggs and lard.


The name of the ensaimada comes from the word “saïm“, it is how people in Mallorca says lard. Nowadays ensaimadas keep made as they used to many years ago, and we really think that ensaimadas should keep this essence of tradition.


We don’t just have chocolate ensaimadas, in Sa Sucreria we make cream ensaimadas, chocolate ensaimadas, pumpkin jam ensaimadas and ensaimadas without filling, if you have never tasted this typical minorcan food we really recommend it to you.


If you want to enjoy your ensaimada the most, we really recommend you to follow the steps below:

  • Unpack the ensaimada and let it rest a few minutes.
  • Preheat your oven at 180º, turn off the oven and put the ensaimada in, but don’t do it more than 5 minutes.
  • Use a strainer to sprinkle all the powdered sugar on the ensaimada.


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