Olive oil from Menorca Pont Modorro

Extra virgin olive oil, a basic in the mediterranean gastronomy.


Extra virgin olive oil is probably the greatest exponent of the Mediterranean diet. Menorca is a land closely linked to gastronomy and local products, it is also a great representative of the lifestyle of our diet.


In addition to products such as cheese, sausages and wine, in Menorca we can also boast of having very good oil.


This culinary gold is indispensable in the dishes of Menorcan cuisine. Its properties give the dishes a characteristic flavor, little by little we are recovering things that were formerly a tradition on the island, such as the exploitation of olive trees to produce olive oil.


In our island, the most common varieties are the Arbequina and the Picual, but you can also find the Andalusian hojiblanca and Cornicabra, the Catalan Argudell or the Greek Koreneiki, among others. Menorca is full of wild olive trees, since this tree is found in eighteen percent of the island’s surface, that is, about twelve thousand hectares.


The extra virgin olive oil production process begins in late summer or early autumn. The extraction is normally cold, at a temperature below 27 degrees, in order to maintain the intensity of its aromas and culinary and organoleptic characteristics, finally going to bottling. After about two weeks from pressing, the oil will be ready for store shelves.


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