Carn i Xua Trebalúger

Carn y Xua Trebalúger is a piece of Menorca in its purest form, a very precious sausage and consumed by the inhabitants of Menorca that undoubtedly has its own identity.


Trebalúger Carn i Xua is a piece of Menorca in its purest form, a very precious sausage and consumed by the inhabitants of Menorca that undoubtedly has its own identity.


The Carn i xua (meat and bacon in Spanish), is a sausage that is made from lean meat and seasoned pork bacon to which spices are added. When cut, you can see the contrasts between the reddish hues of the lean meat and the whitish color of the bacon.


Although it is true that the production of sausages as recognized as Sobrasada from Menorca dates back many centuries, some say that carn i xua is the sausage with the longest tradition on the island and that its origins lie in similar imported charcuterie products. by the Romans, who arrived on the island as early as 123 BC also establishing trade routes.


Menorca is an island closely linked to the countryside, agriculture and livestock. The production of sausages has always been common in the country houses of Menorca. To this day, there are still many families who periodically slaughter the pig to take advantage of all its raw material. The sausage par excellence in Menorca is sobrasada, a reddish sausage minced and seasoned with salt, paprika and other spices.


It is characterized by being sheathed inside the intestine of the animal, which is previously cleaned and prepared for this purpose. Once the sausages are finished, they are put to dry or cure until the desired point is obtained. Generally sobrasadas tend to be tender or old. The tender sobrasadas are the ones that have a shorter curing time and the old ones the ones that have been curing the longest. Although depending on their size and shape they receive different names and provide different textures.


Trebalúger started in 1950, when María Cardona opened a small grocery store. Ten years later, in 1960, his son Miguel Orfila decided to expand the business and began slaughtering to sell meat and sausages in his own grocery store, as well as offering slaughter services to individuals.


Over the years Miguel continues to make Menorcan sausages keeping the same tradition. Now he does it with his wife and later his children.


If you really want to feel Menorca vibes you should taste the Trebalúger Carn i Xua. 


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