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Apricot Jam and Walnuts Ensaimada

NEW IN SIGHT! Discover our latest creation: Apricot Jam and Walnuts Ensaïmada. A delicious ensaimada that combines authentic apricot jam

Ferrero Rocher ensaimada

Ensaimada from Ferrero Rocher. Ensaimada filled with a delicious Ferrero Rocher cream, covered with dark chocolate and Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

Lotus biscuit ensaimada

Lotus biscuit ensaimada. Ensaimada filled with a delicious Lotus biscuit cream, a biscuit with a surprisingly crunchy texture and a very characteristic flavor. Its peculiar caramel flavor is appreciated all over the world. The ensaimada is covered in dark chocolate and pieces of Lotus biscuit.

Nougat Ensaimada

Nougat ensaimada with an artisan nougat cream filling and a topping of toasted almonds and more nougat

Nutella Ensaimada

Nutella ensaimada. Ensaimada filled with a delicious Nutella cream, covered with dark chocolate, white chocolate and toasted hazelnut pieces.

Oreo Ensaimada

Ensaimada filled with Oreo artisan cream, topping with more Oreo cream and pieces of Oreo cookie on top.

Apricot Ensaimada

Discover our special ensaimadas, we introduce you the Apricot Ensaimada,  a mix between the best flavour with the most traditional products in Menorca.

Crème Brulée Ensaimada

Descobreix les nostres ensaïmadas especials, aquí vos presentem l'ensaïmada de crema cremada, una aposta que mescla el millor sabor amb tota la tradició de Menorca.

Crème Brulée Ensaimada with Almonds

Discover our Créme Brulee Ensaimada with Almonds, feel the real flavour from Minorca.

White and Black Chocolate Ensaimada

Descubre nuestras ensaimadas especiales, aquí os presentamos la ensaimada de chocolate blanco y negro, una apuesta que mezcla el mejor sabor con toda la tradición de Menorca.

White Chocolate Ensaimada

We introduce you our special ensaimadas, here you will find our white chocolate ensaimada.  

Figat Ensaimada (fig jam)

A product mixing two traditional flavors of Minorca: ensaimada and fig jam. Our gastronomic tradition in one mouthful, it transports us to rural Menorca and our roots.