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Dulces típicos de Menorca

In addition to our famous artisan ensaimadas, at Sa Sucrería you will also be able to find 5 other typical sweets of Menorca. 5 specialities that have accompanied us through the generations and that have become must-try products for all visitors to the island.

Moreover, as with everything we make at Sa Sucreria, these 5 typical sweets of Menorca are also made in a completely artisan way, and following age-old recipes that have passed down from parents to children for many decades until the current day.

Here are the 5 typical sweets of Menorca that you will also be able to find at Sa Sucrería.

· Pastissets

dulces de menorca

They are one of the pastries most closely linked with the Menorcan gastronomy tradition, one of the symbols of festivity and joy that form part of the popular recipe book.

· Duquesitas

Dulces típicos de Menorca

Biscuit par excellence that forms a part of the breakfast and afternoon snack for many generations of Menorcans, it reminds us of the British and French confectionery influence, from their time in Menorca.

· Almond carquinyols

Dulces típicos de Menorca

They are a confectionery symbol of the town of Mercadal, a great tradition at Sa Sucreria. A tempting crunchy pastry made with almonds and which has its origin in Arabic and Jewish confectionery from their time in Menorca.

· Chocolate carquniyols

Dulces típicos de Menorca

When we add chocolate and a fine base of hazelnut to Sa Sucreria’s traditional carquinyol, we get a new crunchy and irresistible temptation.

· Amargos

Dulces típicos de Menorca

Amargos are another almond biscuit which is typical of Menorca. With a round and flat shape, for Menorcans, these biscuits have always been synonymous with Christmas. Although, thanks to tourism, they are now eaten all year round.

So that’s our article with the 5 typical sweets of Menorca that Sa Sucreria offers you, making them in a completely artisan way and following age-old recipes, which have been passed down from parents to children for decades.

If you would like to find out more about the products we have for you, take a look at our website or downloads our catalogues through this link.

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