10 interesting facts about Menorcan carquinyols

10 curiosidades sobre los carquinyols

Carquinyols from Menorca are one of the most typical and recognisable products of Menorcan gastronomy, only surpassed by its famous ensaimada.

We are sure that many of you have tried them and love them, but you might not know many of the facts about them that we are going to tell you about now.

Let’s get to it.

10 interesting facts about Menorcan carquinyols

  1. Carquinyols are dry and crunchy pastries that are made throughout the Spanish Mediterranean.

  2. Despite having their own recipe in each place and looking slightly different, they have a common ingredient wherever they are made: almonds.

  3. However, one of the main differences between Menorcan carquinyols and the others is that, in Menorca, carquinyols are made with ground almond.

  4. The main ingredients of Menorcan carquinyols are sugar, flour, eggs and almonds.

  5. The word carquinyol comes from the Catalan “craquinyar”, which means “crunch” in English.

  6. The fact they are so dry enables them to maintain the qualities and preserve well as a product.

  7. In Barcelona they are known as carquinyolis, in Valencia as rosegons and in Italy as cantuccini.

  8. Tatis are a Menorcan variety whose recipe includes chocolate.

  9. Carquinyols were a gift given to girls by young Menorcan men in the 19th century as a treat during the different patronal feasts.

  10. The town of Es Mercadal and its surroundings are the part of Menorca with a strong tradition of making carquinyols.

So, that’s the 10 interesting facts that you may not have known about carquinyols, an extremely popular pastry in the Mediterranean which, in Mallorca, being made slightly differently, has become one of our most typical products.

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